Natural Men Tonic - 16 oz Bottle


 Benefits: Stimulate the fire of the kidneys to produce a strong sexual drive. Restore and renews passion and desire. Improve erectile function improve sexual drive more energy fibroids rejuvenation sleep wellness better digestion weight loss colon clean sing impotence

Dosage: Take one ounce two times a day before a meal. Shake well before use.

Ingredients: bitter gourd, cinnamon, curry leaves, jamun, amal gooseberry, black seed, honey, ginseng, ferny greek, garlic, abochie bark, acia, bois babde root, bois bande barks, cera seem, chickory, cayenne pepper, flaxseed, golden berry, coriander, oregano, maca, sea moss, ne matias, aloe vera, mango leaves, fennel sees, turnips, celery, sesame seeds, tamarind, spearmint, pomegranate seeds, blackwesa, nketekete, aziza leaves, chun chen, kenkele bit leaves. 

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